In a galaxy far, far away a young man named Justin Silva has traveled the stars, searching for a place where he will fit in amongst the species. Bored out of his mind from traveling he wishes to spread awareness of the wonders he has seen. Hoping for others to experience the wonders of fun that he has, Mehe will create a blog, and on that blog he will share these experiences of fun. Coming to a blog near you!

Hello! My name is Justin and I’m here to tell you a little bit about myself and my blog! I am 16, and at this age I can say that being bored is a common thing to be. I usually find myself being attracted to my phone or TV to cure this horrible sickness of boredom, but I really don’t want to be doing that. So, I’ve dedicated myself to create and find fun ways to cure boredom and post it on this blog! From cool at home science experiments (explosive) to fun outdoor activities (also explosive)!

My overall goal is to make sure you, the reader, does not feel bored after reading my blog or after doing the activities posted! I’ll be waiting here. Typing away about my adventures of overcoming boredom. See ya!