A Gooey Experiment

Have you ever just stared out a window wondering to yourself, “what could I be doing right now?” Well, look no further! I am here to tell you how to make your day a little, if not a lot, less boring! A gooey way I might add.

This Experiment is how to make homemade goo in a quick and easy way. Goo can be a fun way to preoccupy your time if you are just sitting around and just want to fool around with something a little messy! Plus, with this method, it’s cheaper and easier to make the goo than to go out and buy some, especially if you want to do something and stay home on a rainy day!

Cornstarch Goo:

This recipe is very easy to make! It creates a weird kind of goo though. The goo itself is hard if you were to hit it with a lot of force or if you were to smack it, but if you dip your fingers in, it’s pretty gooey and will really stick to your fingers, a great gooey mess!

You’ll need:

  1. Cornstarch
  2. Water
  3. Food Coloring (optional)
  4. Resealable bags

Now, with these ingredients, we can begin!

Step 1 – Go ahead and grab a big mixing bowl, so that the goo doesn’t pour over the sides when the water is added.

Step 2 – Now, pour the entire box of cornstarch into the bowl for maximum gooeyness!

Step 3 – Pour some water slowly into the bowl of cornstarch, and mix it with a spoon or your hands until it is thick, with no clumps. To see if it is ready, try and make it into a ball. If the ball is hard, add more water. The goo is gooey enough when it starts to drip off of your hands/

Step 4 – This step is optional, but if you have some food coloring why not go ahead and add some to the mixture for a more colorful goo!

Step 5 – When the goo is done and ready pour it into a resealable bag for safe and easy storage!

So, now that you have some goo and are ready to get gooey, why not have some fun and play around with it! Try to make different shapes, experiment with he hardness and gooeyness transitions. So now, are you bored?