Story Writing

Being bored can make it feel as if time is going slow or super fast. It can make it feel as though time has even topped completely. It can make you feel lost, even alone in a space of confusion with no destination. One other thing it can make you feel is that it can make you feel creative.

While you are lost in that empty plain of boredom, searching for a way out you might just stop to take a break, maybe you might even stop at a nice empty patch of grass in that boredom plain and look at the empty sky. But, up there, is a whole unused space full of creativity that hasn’t been put to use! Ideas, ideas that have been locked away, shot up into that sky of boredom. All you have to do is spread your wings and fly up to catch them!

Hold on, that was kind of weird…

Summary of that story is that any idea that you have had locked up can be turned into something great if you latch onto it, like a story! Story writing can be very simple! If you have a good idea all you need is a pen or pencil and a piece of paper, or a hundred pieces of paper…

To start off you should take your idea, whether it be fact or fiction, and outline it. Sprout smaller ideas from it and detail those, setting them in stone. Now, try to take those seedlings and turn them into thesis’s, or even a topic sentence, the beginning of your story. This will make it a lot easier to continue on with the story, as if you are now on training wheels, riding your bike of creativity into the distance!

By now you should be in the heart of your story, watching your seedlings grow into semi-sprouted flowers. Start to think of a climax, the peak of your story, the plot twist, the pièce de résistance. Make it seem like someone is reading as fast as you are writing, but you don’t want them to stop, so keep writing while making it more interesting and detailed.

Now, to top of your story with a cherry, the conclusion. This is the end, the final destination for your reader. For this, you don’t want to rush it. Your reader by now has gone through a great journey, so they want to be eased to a stop, not rushed, suddenly stopping, not knowing where they currently are. Once you’ve got it, that sprout is now a full grown flower of creativity. You have defeated your boredom!

So, are you bored?


Outdoor Games

Is it a bright and sunny day outside, but instead of being out there and enjoying it, you’re inside bored out of your mind? Well I got a solution for you! Here three games to play outside with a few friends!


For this game you will need a small or a larger group of friends who are ready to get sweaty! This game is a lot like Hide and Seek, but much less childish. Split your friends into two teams, the Runners and the Hunters. Next, pick a spot in your area of play that could be used as a “home base.” This “home base” is what the Runners must eventually get to in order to win. The Hunters must chase down the Runners and tag all of them to win. To make the game more fun give the Runners about a minute to run and hide somewhere so that the game is more intense when the Runners are being actually hunted. This game should be preferably played in a large area, much like an entire neighborhood or park for a full effect. So, if you have some friends up for a fun thing to do this is a sure fire way to have some fun!

Extreme Frisbee

Do you like frisbee? Do you like flag football? Do you like EXTREME things? Well then, sounds like this outdoor game is for you and your friends! This game requires either a small or large group of people, preferably in the even numbers. To start off, grab some rags or flags and tuck them into your back pocket, also grab a frisbee! Separate your friends into two teams and position yourselves as if you were playing football, also pick a two spots to be goals. Now, the game plays almost exactly like football except with a frisbee as the ball. To start off you would have a QB start behind your teammates. The QB would call hike and then pass the frisbee to a teammate. In this game you can pass the frisbee as many times as you like between your teammates, the only way to stop the frisbee carrier is to pull off their flag. Run to the other team’s goal to score! That’s the basics to the game! Set your own score limit and have fun!

Balloon Bonanza

This game was one of my favorites as a kid! The premise of this game is very simple, pop your opponents balloons! To set this game up, get some balloons, fill them up, and tie them to various spots on your body! the goal is to be the last one out of your friends to have a balloon or balloons on them! Try your hardest to pop every balloon on your friend! A simple, yet extremely fun game!

So, are you bored?

A Gooey Experiment

Have you ever just stared out a window wondering to yourself, “what could I be doing right now?” Well, look no further! I am here to tell you how to make your day a little, if not a lot, less boring! A gooey way I might add.

This Experiment is how to make homemade goo in a quick and easy way. Goo can be a fun way to preoccupy your time if you are just sitting around and just want to fool around with something a little messy! Plus, with this method, it’s cheaper and easier to make the goo than to go out and buy some, especially if you want to do something and stay home on a rainy day!

Cornstarch Goo:

This recipe is very easy to make! It creates a weird kind of goo though. The goo itself is hard if you were to hit it with a lot of force or if you were to smack it, but if you dip your fingers in, it’s pretty gooey and will really stick to your fingers, a great gooey mess!

You’ll need:

  1. Cornstarch
  2. Water
  3. Food Coloring (optional)
  4. Resealable bags

Now, with these ingredients, we can begin!

Step 1 – Go ahead and grab a big mixing bowl, so that the goo doesn’t pour over the sides when the water is added.

Step 2 – Now, pour the entire box of cornstarch into the bowl for maximum gooeyness!

Step 3 – Pour some water slowly into the bowl of cornstarch, and mix it with a spoon or your hands until it is thick, with no clumps. To see if it is ready, try and make it into a ball. If the ball is hard, add more water. The goo is gooey enough when it starts to drip off of your hands/

Step 4 – This step is optional, but if you have some food coloring why not go ahead and add some to the mixture for a more colorful goo!

Step 5 – When the goo is done and ready pour it into a resealable bag for safe and easy storage!

So, now that you have some goo and are ready to get gooey, why not have some fun and play around with it! Try to make different shapes, experiment with he hardness and gooeyness transitions. So now, are you bored?